Top 15 Instant Pot Accessories You Should Have in Your Kitchen

Instant Pot can be the perfect kitchen appliance to prepare quick and great tasting meals. Given that it can be alternately used as a rice cooker, sauté pan, warming pot, steamer, slow cooker and yogurt maker, it can also greatly reduce clutter in the kitchen. So if you have got hold of your instant pot, make sure that you are using it alongside the right accessories. I have enlisted the 15 instant pot accessories that are a must-have, allowing you to make the most out of your instant pot.

  1. Springform Pan

This anodized aluminum round cake pan does not react with citrus based foods, heats up faster and cools quicker. So your cake reaches baking temperatures faster. There aren’t any extra metal parts, meaning that the cooling process is faster and the cake stops baking as soon as you remove it from the heat. The pan comes with seamless edges and distributes heat evenly throughout the bake.

  1. Silicone Mitts

Silicone mittens are an essential. They can be used to lift the inner pot while it is still hot. These are made out of food grade silicon and meet the FDA food safety standards. The nonstick ridged surface allows for a good grip, they are very comfortable to put on and are dishwasher safe. The mittens nest inside each other, thus allowing for a compact storage. Given that they come at a very reasonable price, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t get a pair of these.

  1. Instant Pot Silicone Cover

This is a must have for fuss-free cooking with your instant pit. It is made of food grade silicone and forms a compact air tight and water tight cover over the inner pot. It is the handiest tool for regular instant pot users. These covers are easily affordable and quite durable. They are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is not an issue.

  1. Silicone Sealing Ring

These clear instant pot rings are made out of high-quality food safe silicone and are dishwasher safe. They enhance the ease of air tight pressure cooking. These high-performance accessories are a must have if you are a great fan of pressure cooking. The Instant Pot official silicone rings come in two catchy colors – blue and red which can be used alternatively for sweet and savory dishes.

  1. Instant Pot Immersion Circulator

This comes with a digital display, complete with stainless steel body and easy grip plastic handle. This allows you to cook high-quality restaurant like gourmet food right at home. This is great for professional meat dishes and soft and tender cooking. The removable stainless steel skirt makes cleaning easier. The 12V DC motor works quietly with accurate temperature controls.

  1. Tempered Glass Lid

This lid comes in a professional grade tempered glass, with stainless steel rim and steam vent. The transparent glass allows you to watch your dishes as they cook. These lids are dishwasher safe and give quite a good lasting.

  1. Vegetable Steamer Basket

These premium quality steamer baskets are dishwasher safe and can be used with your instant pot for hassle-free steaming. It can be collapsed and bundled up when not in use, thus allowing for compact storage. The best part, however, is that this particular cookware comes with a lifetime warranty.

  1. Ceramic Non-Stick Inner Pot

This non-stick pot comes with a ceramic inner coating and is dishwasher safe. It can also be used in the ovens in up to 360 degrees of temperature. The pot allows for even and efficient heating. Although these are hard wearing, they are best used with wood or silicone spoons.

  1. Solid Inserts for Pressure Cookers

This is one of my favorite instant pot accessories. I often use this to cook two different food items at the same time. It is especially great for steaming rice and other grains. The insert comes in an entirely stainless steel body and has a handle for easy removal. The insert is dishwasher safe.

  1. Steel Trivet

Steel trivets are available for almost all models of Instant Pot. It is best to pick the one which fits perfectly into your pressure cooker. These trivets are made out of stainless steel and are hence quite durable. They allow a slight lift off the base and are ideal accessories for steam cooking. If you are steaming rice, you can take the aid of a trivet to steam vegetables or other food items at the same time.

  1. Steaming Rack Stand

Steaming rack stands are more like trivets, except for the fact that they can be used with any type of pot. They are made out of food grade steel and are dishwasher safe. The most advantageous part of this stand is that it allows a high lift off the base, so you can put in plenty of water for steaming.

  1. Stainless Steel Mesh Basket

This mesh basket can be used for multiple purposes. It can be inserted into the instant pot for steam cooking or boiling. It is also perfect for washing fruits and vegetables and straining noodles. Cleaning is not an issue as it is dishwasher safe. The basket is very lightweight and sturdy footed and can also be used to store fruits and vegetables.

  1. Set of Three Mesh Strainers

These superior quality strainers are dishwasher safe and do not stain or rust. They can be used alternatively for draining pasta, sauces, soy milk or fruit juice. They come in a lightweight body with a loop handle for convenient storage. If you are a regular user of instant pot, you can just throw in these accessories to make cooking more fun and hassle free.

  1. ThermoPro Digital Electronic Cooking Thermometer

This thermometer is made out of stainless steel and is rated as food safe. It is the perfect partner for your instant pot as it allows you to measure the accurate temperature required for different recipes. This thermometer comes with a one year warranty.

  1. Silicone Starter Kit

This lid is made of food safe silicone and is dishwasher safe. It comes with a hole and is easy to put on the hook. The lid can also be used for frying pans, big bowls, and plates. It helps the food to be kept warm before being served. The fact that these lids come with a money back guarantee, leaves no reason as to why you should not buy them.

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