3 Delicious Instant Pot Dinner Recipes

Life is busy these days. I most certainly do not have the energy to get home after a hectic day and get cooking. This is why Instant Pots have proven to be a blessing for me as I no longer have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen. Let me provide you with some delicious recipes that can be ready in no time and will allow you to get the much-needed rest after a day of hard work.

Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

You will need pork, olive oil, chili powder, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, kosher salt, cumin seed, fennel seed, and cayenne pepper to make this dish. Commence by mixing pork with all the dry ingredients and leave it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes. Then, heat up the Instant Pot and place all the pork pieces in it. Close the lid and cook at a high temperature for around 60 minutes. Opt for natural release after turning off the heat. Carefully, open the lid to check if the meat is tender enough. If not, cook for another 10 to 20 minutes.

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Stuffed Instant Pot Chicken Breast

For this dish, you will require two strips of butterflied boneless chicken breast, a piece of halved cooked ham, six trimmed asparagus spears, 16 strips of bacon, four slices of Mozzarella cheese, ground black pepper, 30g of fine sea salt, and 2 cups of cold water. Mix the sea salt with water and submerge the chicken in it, leaving it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then, dry the chicken breasts using paper towels and place Mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, and asparagus in the center of the chicken breast and roll it tightly. Place the chicken breast on top of the strips of bacon and wrap the chicken in it, pinning the ends of the chicken. Pour water in the Instant Pot and place the chicken breasts on the trivet. Cook at a high pressure for around 7 minutes followed by 10 minutes of natural release. Pat it dry via paper towels. Sauté the outer layer of bacon, and your dish is ready.

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Last-Minute BBQ Pressure Cooker Chicken Wings

Take 2 pounds of chicken wings and half a cup of BBQ sauce. Pour a cup of cold water in the Instant Pot and place the chicken wings in the steamer. Pressure cook at high temperature for five minutes and follow it up with the natural release. Dry the chicken wings and sauté them in the air fryer after mixing BBQ sauce in the chicken wings. The sauce should become glossy which should take around 3 minutes.

Courtesy: Pressure Cook Recipes

You can also try making beef shank, chili, and beef curry with the Instant Pot. So far, every recipe I have tried impressed me with its taste.

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