10 Incredible Ways You Should Be Using Your Instant Pot

  1. Make PERFECT Hard-Boiled Eggs – I’ve always had trouble peeling hard-boiled eggs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried all of the “tricks” out there. Hard-boiled eggs made in the Instant Pot are easy to peel, and it didn’t take much longer to cook them than if I would have cooked them on the stove. Here’s the recipe I used.
  2. Cook Frozen Chicken Breasts in an Hour – Am I the only one that forgets to thaw meat? Here’s instructions on how to cook up some dinner-worthy chicken breasts, even if they’re coming straight from the freezer.
  3. Make Your Own Yogurt – If you’ve ever tried to make your own yogurt, you know it’s a process! Many Instant Pots come with a Yogurt function, which means you can save time and money by making your own yogurt at home. Making yogurt in an Instant Pot is much simpler, and you control the ingredients.
  4. Use it As a Slow Cooker – Need to set it and forget it? Instant Pots have a slow cooker function that will allow you to cook a meal just like you would in a crockpot. I haven’t gotten rid of my slow cooker yet, but the next time the ceramic crock cracks, I’m not replacing it!
  5. Use it As A Rice CookerHere’s my favorite recipe for cooking brown rice. Our rice cooker pot has a Teflon lining, which kind of scares me. From now on I’ll be using the Instant Pot instead since it’s made out of stainless steel.
  6. Use it to Cook Dried Beans – Save money and time by cooking your own beans in the Instant Pot. When you cook the beans yourself, you can avoid the BPA that’s in the lining of many cans. Plus, it’s so much cheaper to buy dried beans!
  7. Make Tomato Sauce – You control the ingredients! Click here to see video instructions.
  8. Cook One Pot MealsHere are a ton of tested ideas. You’ll wash fewer dishes too!
  9. Make Broth – Another way to save money and control ingredients. Here’s how to do it.
  10. Make a Chocolate Cake – Because…why not?! Here’s the how-to.

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